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The KitchenAid pasta attachment set is half off for today only

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Has all the stress of gift buying left you, well, without any gifts for friends and family? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Walmart is having an exclusive sale on a KitchenAid three-piece pasta roller and cutter — an attachment that screws into a KitchenAid stand mixer — that’s been slashed from $199.99 to $99, only for today, Dec. 20.

The attachment will let you eschew dried box pasta for the fresh stuff, allowing you to impress friends (or have friends impress you) with handmade fettuccine and spaghetti, all sliced by the power of a single KitchenAid add-on. The set includes one pasta roller, fettuccine and spaghetti cutter and a brush. The set can also be wielded to make homemade egg noodles, sheets of lasagna and tortellini. Plus, it’s made in Italy, so you know it’s legit. 


Purchase the pasta attachment today and it’ll arrive before Christmas for most of the country. Grab it before all the other pasta aficionados do — this sale won’t last long.  

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