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Google’s Pixel 4 will likely have a 20x zoom camera

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Google’s Pixel 4 might have an impressive 20x zoom capability. 9to5Google pointed out that Google’s director of design, Claude Zellweger, posted a zoomed-in photo on Instagram and later commented that the photo was taken at 20x zoom on a Pixel.

The Pixel 4 wasn’t actually name-dropped, but it’s likely the focus here given Google’s eagerness to get the word out about its next phone. Offering 20x zoom would be a vast improvement over what the Pixel 3 can do, and it’s possible that Google could pull off this feat if one of the Pixel 4’s lenses is a telephoto lens, which has been rumored.

Here’s an important question: is Zellweger touting that the Pixel 4 will have 20x digital zoom or 20x optical zoom? The latter is ideal, though it seems unlikely given the clever lengths that Huawei had to go to manage an impressive 5x optical zoom in its P30 Pro.

Something that’s more likely is that it’s a blend of digital and optical. Combine the fact that the Pixel 4 is the first Pixel with more than one rear camera with Google’s knack for making AI solutions to address hardware limitations (the Pixel 3’s Super Res Zoom), and it makes a lot of sense. Oppo’s Reno 10X Zoom employs something similar with its 10x hybrid zoom. Even if it’s not 10x optical, it provides good results.

The most impressive aspect of Google’s phones is their camera performance. And while this isn’t the most electrifying debut of what the Pixel 4 might be capable of, showing off zoom capabilities is a good start. Now, let’s see some more camera samples.

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