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Facebook and Instagram experience big Thanksgiving outages

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If you were trying to share Thanksgiving photos today you may have noticed that both Facebook and Instagram have been suffering intermittent outages. Just like you might feel after your third helping of turkey and stuffing: they’re down, but not quite out.

Instagram has acknowledged the issue, noting on twitter that “some people are currently having trouble accessing Facebook’s family of apps, including Instagram.” The company noted it was “working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible.”

There are widespread reports of problems right across the globe, with users saying they’re unable to post to Facebook or view stories on Instagram (where outages seem to be worst). There have even been some reports of problems with Messenger, too.

According to DownDetector, Instagram seems to be suffering the worst in central Europe, with #InstagramDown trending on Twitter in the UK, while Facebook users are reporting outages right across the US.

Given that America is on holiday today, it’s certainly not a convenient time for outages on social media, but so far the problems have only been going on for a few hours.

Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp all suffered their worst ever outages earlier this year in March, with problems that were eventually attributed to a “server configuration change” persisting for more than 24 hours. We’ve got a way to go before today’s outages reach that level, but we’ll certainly keep you updated.

Update 10:46AM ET: Story has been updated to add tweet from Instagram.

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